Working Together in Washington for You

I am entering the race for the Pa 12th Congressional seat because I am fed up with Washington.

Our district deserves a leader who will cut through petty partisanship, legislative gridlock, and extreme political positions to get the job of the people done.

Throughout my legal career I have brought people together to find solutions. I will continue to do this as your Representative in Congress.

The people voting and living in the Pennsylvania 12th district can count on me to build the coalitions needed to solve problems and implement solutions.

The Economy

As a business owner I know what it means to meet payroll and balance a budget. I will use my business experience and education in business and the law to develop smart and effective economic policies to enable our district to create good-paying jobs bringing Western Pennsylvania back as an economic powerhouse.

The playing field must be level for small businesses so that they can grow and create jobs empowering Western Pennsylvania residents to educate their children and save for retirement.

I am a proponent of eliminating tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs overseas and I will support tax incentives to small business to create jobs here at home.

Expanding vocational and training opportunities and supporting organized labor will ensure businesses have the qualified workers they need while helping middle-class families.  We need to build an economy where everyone can earn a fair wage.

I will be a beacon in Congress for progressive economic policies that maximize opportunities for business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors.

Having endured the burden taxes have placed on small businesses, I will work to reduce this burden while working to simplify business tax reporting/filing.

I will work to eliminate anti-competitive, wasteful special interest subsidies that make it difficult to establish new business ventures, raise capital, create jobs and compete in the marketplace with companies that pay for lobbyists.

The minimum wage needs to be a livable wage that keeps pace with the cost of living.

We must have equal pay for equal work.  I will oppose any effort that discriminates against women and minorities.


A sound transportation system saves energy, reduces traffic congestion, stimulates the economy and raises property values. Consistent investment in our infrastructure is essential.

Western Pennsylvanians know well that bridges, roads, rail lines, waterways and public transportation make living and working possible. Maintaining our infrastructure keeps us working and keeps us safe. Our waterway and rail systems are essential to our economy, and we cannot let them fall into disrepair. Pennsylvania's roads are some of the worst in the country, and those in the 12th district are some of the worst in the state. We must work together to find the resources to maintain our roads and infrastructure.

Aside from the necessary repair of our infrastructure, I will lead in the expansion of funding for transportation projects. Public bus routes, rail accessibility, and paratransit programs are not just convenient they are essential to a strong economy.

Health Care

Americans need to come together on this issue. Americans deserve cost-effective health care. I will work to lead us to the common sense solutions to provide the quality health care we deserve from cradle to grave.

Americans should not have to rely on last minute emergency room treatment to treat preventable illness.

No American should suffer or die from a preventable disease or illness.

No American should have to choose between eating or paying for medical coverage, drugs or medical expenses. 

No business should go bankrupt, lay off employees or close its doors because it cannot afford to provide health benefits.

I will work to ensure all Americans have access to preventative care, which will save lives and taxpayer dollars.

I believe that the health insurance marketplace system can be streamlined and simplified.

There should be no discrimination in coverage for veterans, women or persons with pre-existing conditions.

I will fight any action that would permit insurance companies to discriminate against women or deny contraceptive health care.

I have advocated for the elderly and those in need, I know the value of Medicare and Medicaid and will work to defend these programs.


Education is the key to long-term economic growth and our competitiveness as a superpower.

Western Pennsylvanians have a long and proud tradition of education. I am a graduate of the Quaker Valley public school district; I believe that every child should have the same opportunity to an excellent education.

I will see that our local schools get the resources they need to recruit and maintain excellent teachers and to invest in cutting edge technology for our students.

Vouchers are not the answer to a quality education system for our children. The evidence and studies show that school vouchers like charter schools, siphon money from traditional public schools, leaving a large underclass of students—including many of those with special education requirements—trapped in a system without enough resources to meet their needs. Vouchers are only a “lifeboat” solution that can help a few lucky children from motivated families. The studies show that voucher programs do not show significant gains in student outcomes. The evidence does not make a case for wholesale adoption of school vouchers. see: . 

Those wanting to further their studies or training will have affordable opportunities to attend a four-year college, vocational programs or trade schools.

I will work with business to solicit their participation in programs that will train workers for their respective businesses.

I will work to make college affordable for every student. Student debt should not hinder a young person from being in a position to save, invest in their careers and reach their potential.


We can never fully express our gratitude for our veterans. I get chills when I see our veterans march by in parades. There are approximately 50,000 veterans in the 12th District - I will make sure that they get the representation they deserve.

I believe that we must fulfill the commitments made to our veterans, and which they earned by serving and sacrificing for this great nation.

My father, husband, and brother are all veterans.  I am deeply committed to protecting them and all the members of our armed services.

Our veterans are VIP's, and their treatment must be world class. I will work for timely, high-quality services and benefits for our veterans.

I will fight against budget cuts for veterans programs.

I support funding for research for post traumatic syndrome, brain injuries and damaged limbs which have been on the increase as a result of our over seas military activities.

I support mental health services for our veterans.

I support a tax credit to employers who hire unemployed veterans.

I support relief for homeownership opportunities for veterans.

I support speeding up the backlog of disability benefits for those Vietnam veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange and await compensation for the injuries caused by this exposure.

I support financial assistance for our veterans to pursue training and education.

Our veteran’s benefits must be enhanced, not reduced and certainly not cut.

The Environment

Our scientists, military, and intelligence agencies all agree that climate change is occurring and is directly related to human activity.

Scientists and experts, not lobbyists, will inform me.

I have learned that business prosperity and environmentally sound manufacturing processes can go hand in hand. Clean air and water are essential to our health and quality of life.

Americans are too smart and innovative to take steps backward and undo what has been gained by adopting and practicing the methods set out in the Paris Accord or by repealing regulations that were enacted for the purpose of keeping our air, water and environment clean.

I will fight for laws that support clean air and water.

The United States must be the global leader against climate change. We cannot let China take the lead from us.

Our Seniors

As the most prosperous nation in history, we cannot abandon our elders and let them become homeless, destitute and without health care. There are approximately 138,441 persons age 65 and older in the 12th District.

My parents are in their 80's, I will not let them or any senior citizen down. I will honor and work hard for all seniors as if they were family.

The United States decided long ago that America's seniors would not be neglected or forgotten.

Medicare and Social Security are essential programs that reflect the values and the commitment to honor and support our seniors; they are not political poker chips.

Seniors have earned these benefits by paying for them throughout their lives.

National Security

I am committed to the United States maintaining the strongest armed forces in the world.

Our troops must have the resources and state of the art equipment to carry out their missions.

Without an effective military, we cannot enjoy the freedom that so many have paid the ultimate price to give us.